Easter Legs

Below is a story from the Daily Record Thursday 24th March 2005

Mar 24 2005

Shop boss gets pole dancer to perform in window

By Alistair Munro

A SHOP boss plans to mark Easter by having a pole dancer performing in his window.

The Hot Rock store – which sells bondage outfits and drugs paraphernalia – is putting on erotic hourly performances on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

But churches last night hit out at the ‘blasphemous’ event and called on the Goth shop’s owner to halt the show.

Police have also been called in following a complaint from a member of the public about posters for the event featuring local 19-year-old Suzanne Larkin.

But the Inverness shop’s owner Cordon Smith defended his ‘fun show’, adding: ‘You see more flesh in the High Street on a weekend night.’

He added: ‘Inverness is pretty dated and boring at times, so we decided something should be done to liven up Easter weekend.

‘It might create a stir but only narrow-minded people will be offended.

‘All we are doing is having a pretty girl dancing in the window. She will be performing every hour on the hour, between 11 and 4pm, dancing to music for 15 minutes.

‘She will be wearing the erotic clothing we sell in the shop, including a lot of our PVC gear. She will not be naked but it will be very erotic.’

Smith, who once had mannequins placed in compromising positions in his shop window, added: ‘I am not out to upset people. It is just a bit of fun to draw people to the shop.’

Hugh Brown, a member of the Church of Scotland’s board of social responsibility, said he was shocked and claimed the shop was ‘off the wall’.

He questioned whether the owner ‘recognised the true and Christian meaning of celebrating Easter, which is the death and resurrection of Christ’.

The Rev Andrew Black, formerly of Ness Bank Church of Scotland in Inverness, described the erotic dancing plans as blasphemous.

He said: ‘It is demeaning. There is no need for this type of thing at all.

‘It is a bizarre idea to come up with for Easter weekend. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Easter message.’