Easter Legs Reflections

Bit of a nonstory really. But perhaps symponatic of other things.

Hugh Brown, a member of the Church of Scotland’s board of social responsibility, said he was shocked and claimed the shop was ‘off the wall’.

He questioned whether the owner ‘recognised the true and Christian meaning of celebrating Easter, which is the death and resurrection of Christ’.

Does anyone outwith Christianity?
Does “The Passion of The Christ” making a bunch of money really mean that Scotland is now in a state of better understanding the meaning of Easter.
I doubt It

Should they know?
If you are not a christian? shoudl you know about the true meaning of Easter. The issue about Christmas comes back again. Whats the point of it. How does the re branding of Holidays to be “Winter festival” in a multi cultural society benefit a vibrant and viable faith.

I think (Contraversially) that we should boycott for bankholidays to be taken away from easter and Christmas.

How do we keep religious festivals holy and special, by giving everyone a day of work, well. I think this is a good PR Exercise, but when the church and other offical agencies struggle to get the real message out there then perhaps it is time to give up trying.

Today I did hear about the real message of Easter Today,

Apparently All the shops have started their sales for easter weekend. THis weekend is one of the Biggest weekends of the retail calender. Infact For DIY shops Easter Monday is on of the busiest days of the years.

The question then is do the religious community understand the contextually true meaning of easter.

Saddly I Doubt it.
Radical action is needed to change the situation. Objecting to a clothed female dancing erotically with a pole in a window on a busy shopping day may not do the church any favours. If we object, we have lots of things to object to. We can’t object without consistency. Christianity was meant to be full of challenge to the norms of society, never to be the norm. It needs to be the underdog to feel comfortable, to show up the powers of the day for what they are, and what they have become.

Would the church accept becoming voice from the outside. My sense is that we are to much part of society to render us mostly useless as a valid agency to critique and envigorate it again.

The true meaning of christmas?
Tell me your Truth and I’ll tell you mine.