East End Glasgow Schools Weeekend

Three weekends ago I ptiched up at the SU East End Glasgow Schools weekend at lendrick muir. We wern’t in the old bit above we were in the portacabin stylee bit round the corner. There were 7 boys at the weekend a 7 male leaders so I did feel a bit redundant.

The wekeend is for the groups for the three main schools in the East End of Glasgow with Scripture Unions clubs to gather their young people. So YP for Bannerman, Smithycroft and Lochend wend on the weekend, several from St Andrews also managed to get smuggled in.

The weekend was a good laugh. Although I did feel like I hovered in the area between being uber-useful and quite redundant. I also didn’t take my iPod. bummer. Dave had three.

the three highlights for me were
Sitting with Iain, Kyle and suzi and being entertained for ages with their spikey repartee. (all the other leaders wondering why I wasn’t being really dominating with them. sorry I was killing myself, they were so funny.) eg Libby was shouting at a boy about swinging on his chair, she then said, If you do that you will kill someone.” In the scilence straight afterwards, Suzi turned to Iain and said, “Well, on you go Iain.” excellent reponse to his teasing.

Having Emma feel really special by pretending to be her butler and her pertending to be a princess. Hmmm, I suppose you had to be there.

Convincing one of the girls that if she managed to talk to me as a pirate for the entire weekend I would give her team 200 points, She did, I did and they came second.

So I don’t know
kinda good points, but I guess, quite a few bad moints as well.

The teaching points.
Staying on message was an issue when i don’t necessarily agree with the message. “God has a plan for your Life” Hmmm. I did a module in college on this one I am not sure I agree with the simplistic nature of the statement.

sleeping in dorms with the young people.
Okay so I know from a Child protection point of view this is the easiest way to do it, but come on. I like my sleeping and need it.

the feeling redundant.
The wekeend was over staffed. lots of the stff know each other from doing camp with each other often. I felt not left out but like my primary focus, spending time with young people from the school I work in was blurred by this feeling of detachement I suppose.