dreaming of Greenbelt….

so music wise it sounds quite cool

Friday – Micheal Franti & Spearhead, Emmanuel Jal.
Saturday – José González, Seth Lakeman
Sunday – 1Giant Leap, Roll Jordan Roll – with Abram Wilson & The Delta Blues Project,
feat. Kingdom Choir, Matthew Herbert Big Band
Monday – Fightstar.
with indoor gigs from the excellent Iain Archer and Martyn Joseph. And a new venue, Ethel’s Tent, which seems to have booked a wide range of world music, it looks fun.

The speakers look good with in particular,
– Brian MacLaren
– Robert Beckford
– David Dark

Other highlights for me will be the Stewart Henderson, Paul Cookson and Ian MacMillan family poetry triple header.
Ian Macmillan.
yes him off the radio.

it all seems quite good.

the only thing I am unsure about is fightstar really. charlie from busted’s band. the greenbelt website reports that the band split from their last record label after the label asked them to make their last album “more pop”. I am not sure asking for a bands new album to be more popular is really that offensive.

anyway perhaps i am missing the point!

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