don’t talk about Love.


at school yesterday Mr Beggs let a session around Love. Using the second Nooma video “Flame!” where rob bell drives abit, walks abit carrying manstuff, and then burns a massive amount of trees.
Anyway before we watched the Rob Bell speak Hebrew alot, Mr Beggs got us do do some exercises on Love.

Firstly list ten things you love.
I decided to list ten things I love which are not related, or lived in by me.
1 Blu Tac
2 Concrete
3 Shrews (we have one in the garden)
4 Frogs (we have 4 in the garden)
5 Tress (we… you can guess the sentence)
6 Bed. (I don’t live in it but it is nice)
7 Reading books (some what aspirational for me)
8 Quizzes
9 Flags (such simple things but great design within a very strict set of rules.)
10 thoughts. (can never have enough)

after this he asked us to list all the songs, movies and books with love in the title. I won’t repeat all my answers for this but suffice to say I did OK.

the most interesting part of this though was the third part where he asked us to listen to 6 songs about love and write down our thoughts ideas or questions. This led to a real big number of questions. If you can answer them, then please do so!

– What does it take to Love something (inanimate object) is it the association of someone you love or and experience which creates love for that object?
– Can you Believe in Love? (separating Love as a concept of God)
– Is love experience or faith?
– Whats the relationship between alcohol and love?
– Can love be “Kidding Love” or is it always “serious love”
– Is Love an agent of Uncontrollable urges?
– Is love external to ourselves?
– What is Love?
– Do we sustain others with our Love. (You’ve got the love I need to see me through?)
– Do we only have a finite amount of loveand beyond that limit we are out of Love?