Dissertation Woes Continued – Extension

should have been in on the 3rd of August, all 8000 words.
Great granny paget is ill though so I had done about 4500 words.by the thursday when a week long extension was granted.

It was a struggle, but I managed to double the bibliography. completely rewrite the literature review, completely rewrite the methodolyg section, completely rewrite the findings section, completely rewrite the introduction and completely rewrite the conclusion. (Plue a brand new abstract and one new appendix)
Infact the only old thing was the Acknowledgments. I still like those people.

anyway i managed to edit it down to under 8800 words which was the target.
I submitted it on thursday morning before 10.30 am, a whole day early!!!

I think it’s much better
I await to find out what the results will be? I should know in a month or so.

Today I deleted the short cut to the PGCE folder from my quick access sidebar.

here’s to the absence of pressure.

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