On saturday, My wife decided to go to town to get a book she had ordered. Unfortunatelty the book shop was shut. we eneded up in the shopping part of town and wne tot the cinema. They weren’t showing anything good. I said do you fancy getting a DVD and goign home and watching that. My wife liked that idea. So we heading to our local Mega$tore. they were doing 3 DVD’s for £20 I saw two I fancied but My wife had two she liked and as she was paying I went for the wierdest one Delicatessen, (The other was Lost in Translation)

Delicatessen has several things going for it.
1st, it is a great story. A love story, farce, black comedy roled into one.
2nd, it looks stunning
3rd, it’s in french with subtitles so you can enjoy yourself and be cultural at the same time.

I think it’s safe to assume that i liked it. The sex scene is hilarious at best, bizzarre at worst.
Also the relief when you find out livingston is a monkey is palpable.

We watched this on a late saturday afternoon. very comfortable. Very good entertainment.