#DeepImpact2012 lost feedback form.

I lost my feedback form for Deep Impact 2012, the christian youthwork Conference with I recently attended. So thought I would feedback here. Limited to four points.

1 location
Good venue

The market place was in a good space and the big tables worked well for meals.
The Food was ok.
No coffee after meals seemed strange for a hotel.
Some of the workshop rooms were too small for workshops they hosted.

2 programme
The physical programme looked good, perhaps it could be printed on glossy paper?

Ceildh/pub quiz – missed the pub quiz. Not sure it worked.

Optional worship times
Seemed (understandably) constrained by venue restrictions,

Morning prayers sat am
Informal to the point of seeming unprepared. Took a slightly bizarre turn with invitation to confession of secret sins or headaches part.
In general fine

Rural youthwork workshop
Some useful questions

Best bit of the weekend.

Main sessions sat am,pm sun am
Key note Speaker spoke entertainingly and told nice stories. Not sure his message actually fitted into what the weekend needed to say to the audience.
The band musically were fine, although they only reflected one way of worship.

3 Scottishness
Good to see that workshops were mostly run by Scottish based youth workers but I think my main reflection was the conference didn’t feel particularly Scottish. Deep Impact is marketed as Scotland’s national youthwork conference, but I felt it lacked a distinct Scottish voice. If it was there which it may have been, I couldn’t find it.
The worship sessions seemed to be based on a vineyard churches model of worship, (Californian 70’s Jesus people).
The speaker was English and all his examples were English, entertaining and fun but English.
Is there a distinctively Scottish model of worship which could be used? What would that look like?

4 Development
I wonder how different the programme was in form and structure from the first deep impact? Not too much from my hazy recollection. I wonder if there is scope for a radical rethink and reorganising of the programme.
I may have missed it, but there seemed a lack of edge to the conference which is the raison d’être of youthwork?

the weekend conference seemed to go well, and people seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed parts of it as well and hope this feedback can help the consideration and planning of the group who organise the next one.