Danielson @ King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 30th Nov 2006

Photo’s and Videos By FreeKorps @ Youtube & Flikr

A Danielson show is that weird thing. Good Art. I make that distinction because I believe good Art has a direct emotional response on those who view it. Good Art has an affect on everyone who views it. It draws you and asks you the question, what do you think of me? Your response is either positive or negative but your response is never lukewarm. A Danielson show I guess is the musical example of this.

The night was cold, it had been raining for four hours solid as we entered King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. Home to many bands on the First tour of the Uk Circuit as well as many good local bands.

For Danielson this was their third gig on the UK leg of their European Tour. This was their first and only scottish date on the tour. We entered the venue through the bar meeting old friends as we went. we got drinks and noticed that Daniel Smith of Danielson was selling the Danielson merchandise himself. At this point I decided the way to ensure a band’s lead singer/creative genius never gets too big for their boots is to make them man the march stalls at all their concerts.

The first support band were mostly rubbish. they had one tune they palyed five times with different lyrics. If they cut out all the sex and drugs references a great future opening for McFly would be there to work at.

Jeffery Lewis Was the main support and was enteraining. I enjoyed his movies, Yeah, live movie making at the show. I liked the song about the record companies and the girlfirends/happy song. His creeping brain song will remain my main memories of the man though. He was a good warm up but what about Danielson.

The Band set up on stage, I could Identify, John on Keyboards, David on Drums and Daniel on guitars. I didn’t recognise the bass player I should really pay more attention. I was concerned by the absence of uniforms as well. But I shouldn’t have feared, about 10 minutes later the band took to King Tut’s stage. resplendent in what looked like american police uniform but with love as their shields.
The concert started with gusto and barrage of songs from the last album Ships.

The concert was going well.
I like ships and recognised most of the songs when John the bass player disappeared from sight. I was at the back of the room. at the end of the song they asked for a seat for John and for the on stage smoke machine to be stopped. Apparently he wasn’t feeling well. He then left the stage causing a reorganising of the set list while he apparently, passed out back stage for a while. He did return to the stage three songs later but did look ill.
Highlights of the set were, Did I Set on Your Trumpet?, Time, That BAld Sexton and Cutest Lil Dragon.

Did I enjoy It?

Danielson is a precious & rare thing to me, something that brings me Joy. During the Concert I found myself just smiling and being happy. felling good about life, myself and situation. In a world designed to bring discontentment on so many levels, to find something that brings you joy and happiness is a rare enough feat. never mind seeing them live in concert.

Danielson isn’t got or liked by all. But I get it, and it gets me good.