Constantine (Film)

So the story is rubbish.

John Constantine is the kind of makeweight in the battle between God and the Devil. Good and Evil as it exsists in the world. He can see “half-lings”, angels and demons here on earth.

And he can kill them.

The premise for the movie is the son of the devil is wanting to come to earth and rule it. Rachel Weisz’s “Angela” is essential to this plan, and John Constantine is the man who can protect/educate/help/rescue her form this. against this there is a constant discussion of John Constantine’s spiritual and moral state. is he going to heaven or hell. Is he selfish. Has he used his gift/curse for his own ends or for the good of others.

Frankly I was none the wiser but this is key to the end of the film. I particualrly liked the black cancer from his lungs and the almost comedic bits. I really enjoyed the film kind of. The Faux theologising really did turn me off.

But The Archangel Gabriel played by Tilda Swinton deserves her own series. Angels have never looked so good!

As a film it was alright, as long as you didn’t want to expore the theology behind the film. Or even take it seriously atall.