Confession (Good for the soul)

Over the last three sunday evenings, Channel 4 has shown the three Lord of the Rings films.
my reaction has been as follows

week one – Hmm, I don’t remember half of this stuff from when we went to see it at the cinema.
week two – In the cinema this really confused me but with seeing part one last week this now makes a lot more sense.

Quote of the week from The two Towers. (week two)
“That doesn’t make any sense to me. Then again you are very small.”
the tree shepard thing to the two wee hobbitty things.

Quote of the week from Return of the King (week three)
“Little chance of success, near certainty of Death… what are we waiting for?”
wee dwarf bloke.

At the end of the third movie something strange happened.
There were 5 different endings. I felt quite emotional about is all ending.

I confess.
At the end Of The third Lord of the Rings film.

I cried.