Coldplay, live in glasgow

As I write this my house is reverbing to the sound of Coldplay.

They are playing the park roughly a block away from my house.
They have played, yellow, God put a msile upon your face, the speed of sound and others. I am not in the audience though.

I don’t like coldplay.

I don’t really know why not.
I liked clocks,
I liked Yellow.

But they leave me feeling cold. hollow. empty.

Perhaps I am a music snob but two weeks ago we went to see REM.
The concert was exciting. I was excited about it.

Coldplay leave me, well, pleasantly.

I don’t feel like I love or hate them. I think my defination of Art is that it has an effect on you. you are affected by it. That is art, you can love it or hate it but it has an effect.

Bad art has no effect. Unfortunately Coldpaly has no effect on me.