Clap Your Hand And Say Yeah

I went for my first Gig at Glasgow’s ABC with Rich two sundays ago during the holiday week. The venue is okay and a decent listening room.
The leather couches are cool at the back of the room and due to the rooom being set up landscape instead of the normal long way round, it is possible to sit about 10 meters from the stage in complete comfort, although as the place gets busier it does get a bit crowded. A drunk guy almost fell on rich. Hmmm

Anyway we went to see The modern beat combo, Clap your Hands Say Yeah. A band who the mp3 blogs have been raving about for ages. I had one of their songs downloaded and it sounded decent. Rich had the album and liked them alot.

I went with an open mind., The support group weren’t really up to much but grew on me although the guitar noodeling could have been toned down a bit. but hey they were supporting, you want the support to be rubbish really.

Clap your hands Say Yeah or CYHSY for short. are a good band. musically it is familiarish, with echoes of various influences throughout their work. But on a live listen it really was quite enjoyable. The only thing I would really take issue with is the singers voice, kinda a strange mix of bob dylan and rufus wainwright it will definatley divide people up and down the country. I grew to like it. Although there were two points where I suppose I went oh.

When they started playing the song “Satan”. hmmm not sure I really agreed with that one.
The end encore song was a cover of “the band’s” classic “helpless”.. Jings it made me laugh out loud when they started it up. I had heard it on the radio the night before and their version with the singers voice was funny.

Anyway In summary they had about 6 really good songs, but the whole evening was enjoyable and a good night out. Thanks Rich

(Did I get the album after hearing them Live? Yip)