Church without Walls National Gathering part 2

The Good

– meeting up with people i hadn’t seen for ages. It was nice to see so many people
– morning worship with John Bell and Archbishop John Sentamu
– Catching the end of Johnny Bakers Talk – Grace for a Mosaic Generation
– Hearing Alistair McGrath (only slightly disappointed that he was wearing a cord jacket rather than the assumed oxford uniform of a tweed one.)
– catching myself talking about how and who could change church, only to think do i really think this and answer, yes i do.
– parking the lack of a traffic jam there and back.
– agreeing to write a letter to someone i think is great
– getting recognised from my bebo picture. (yeah really)
– having the planes take off in the background as Edinburgh airport was right next door. not much noise but a cool view.

The Bad
– Food provision – come on guys, could try harder i think
– the art exhibition – not extensive or varied
– taking your shoes off in the prayer tent. – understandable but I hade large 18 eyelit boots and didn’t want to spend too long there. Hmmmm. my fault but still bad.
– the sunday afternoon outdoor love, worship, feast, stuff. no really it was attrotious to be honest. kinda had a bad family service feel to it. not impressed.

The needing attention
stage 2 – what was that all about. putting a spoken word stage next to the come and try an organ stand?

youth zone – needs alot of work. a bad use of space and had no flow or rythmn to it.

site layout – the tents were a good idea but the layout of the site meant they were external to the main walk ways to the other venues rather than intergral to the natural flow of foot traffic.

Morning worship was good but evening worship provided less incentive to stay. I did want to see Johnny Baker but in a double header with stuart Townhead I decided to give it a miss

Under 5’s provision – none, where was the creche or creche space. (Kids zone being for p1-p7’s) The main baby change facility in the main hall was terrible and only in the female toilets. C’mon we can do better than that surely.

– The idea was great but to many were similar and not enticing to stop at. very little interactivity for those walking by.

Tents – Some bizzarre opening and closing times from Tent holders.

in conculsion, overall it felt good, but with some big room for inprovements

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