Christian Bookshop’s

Yesterday I had the occasion to go looking in a christian bookshop. This particular christian bookshop is quite popular, but having not been in a christian bookshop for a year or so it was laugh out loud funny. I did laugh several times. I also felt quite sad about some of the stuff there. As I wondered around the shop, my thoughts turned to the shop I was in, how different was it from any other book store. How easy would it be to wonder in and not be able to identify it was a christian book store. (This isn’t a problem for the other main christian book stores in Glasgow. One is in the basement of a church, the other is staffed by Nun’s, thats a dead giveaway.)

So I present the top five ways to know you are in a christian bookshop.


You find a book called DEEP “The call of Deep Church is not just for theologians and church leaders; it is also about each individual Christian experiencing and knowing that Jesus rescues from the depths and changes them deeply” this book is written by an author called Frog.
If you name is Frog you should be being one of three things. Living on a lily pad eating flies, Trucking in your big rig or on the run from the police. Possibly not authoring a book on DEEP Christianity or pastoring a large church in London.

on giant over sized Video screen and other monitors, there is DVD playing of an elderly gentleman in shirt and tie, slightly out of focus, serenading a range of mountains. but the music being played instore bares no relation to the video on the screen.


You find that Siku’s The Manga Bible is filed under “Bibles”. Not in the Anime/Manga Section. possibly because they don’t have an Anime/Manga section.

You find a box set of Johnny Cash. Reading the entire New Testament. (only £36.50 in a translation I had never heard of before)


You find a copy of the’s “The essential modern worship fakebook”.
To be honest I applaud the way they are condemning modern worship as fake, or i detest the way they are helping people fake modern worship. I haven’t quite made my mind up yet.

So how do you know you are in a christian bookshop or what stopped you going or trying?