Choices I make affect others

“The lies are all we have, its what keeps us all together”

marie in everybody loves raymond

So today I looked down the barrel of big pressure about my management of staff under me. Adn i didn’t like it.

We are trying to start some multi agency work. I am dealing with the worker responsable for our area. One of my staff is being mentored by a member of staff in the other agency. The mento is very good, i think and keen to provide opportunities for work. unfortunately our position is we can give within our remit area (geographical) but not out side it. The offer was outside this area.

It’s a great offer

It could provide much needed Income.

It could be excellent experience.

It would provide the employee with excellent training.


It doesn’t help to meet the aims of the organisation and its work.

It doesn’t actually help me do the job the organisation want me to do.

It is giving more than we can afford to give as an organisation.

It just seems wrong.

the thing is the pressure is from an outside source which has responsability ofr the employee. The agency are supposed to help him develop and study to become an effective and good worker. Yet the attitude is one of well it would benefit your agency and your employee. he could do it in his spare time.

this will be my 3rd or 4th managemant battle in as many months with other staff/agencies about the people I manage.

Perhaps I am a bad manager