Like I say, you Know, there’s so many people now who can become a celebrity for doing nothing, or even if they are going out with someone, suddenly they become a celebrity. Em, it’s just a phase that’s happening at the moment. But you know, she does deserve it, she was in a program, em, it was called celebrity big brother,she won a program, em, and she wasn’t a celebrity. So in a way you got to hand it to her, and you know, she proved if you work at something you can do it, lets hope she prove and be successful.

Jordan, speaking on Fivelive this morning.

I have been thinking about celebrity and its effect.

You know, why do people get famous.
Jordan/Katie price got famous by taking off her clothes. (in essence). Chantelle, the non celebrity winner of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK is now famous. She’s famous for not being famous.

Celebrity is best explained by the way people have an opinion of you. I am not famous or a celebrity. I know one person who presents on TV and One DJ who has his name on a poster round Glasgow. Yet these aren’t celebrities. They are my friends.

Celebrity is the state where some has a prejudiced view of you before they meet you.
an example would be….

When in new York we were walking around times square on a late Tuesday afternoon. We saw the traffic stop, the Paperattzi gather and mob someone at the doors to MTV’s studio’s. We crossed the square, and there was crush barriers, packed with screaming fans. We walk up close to the corner they were on. as we did we stopped the paperattzi cleared a path and Mariah Carey walked through towards us. She walked until she was a foot from us. She looked at me.

I thought.
Your very small and plastic-y up close.

she smiled
I just looked
she walked off to her fans.

As she walked off I said to my wife “That’s Mariah Carey”
The Man Opposite us shouted “I love you Mariah. Your my Life”


I don’t want it, yet I do.
Recently I won a competition. It could mean more people come to this blog than ever before. I want that.
I want people to hear me.

But I suppose I want to be heard because I have something to say.
to be famous because I have done the ground work.

This morning On GMTV George Clooney was asked how getting Oscar Nominations and film success feels, due to his role in ER being such a short time ago.
Mr Clooney answered well just remember before ER came 12 years of working, like a role in Sunset Beach.

In a world where it seems all our celebrities and famous people have a Pop Idol or X- Factor work ethic, it is refreshing to see someone put down their year of work and preparation as the reason for their success.

On Saturday we were walking in Glasgow and Lorraine McIntosh from Deacon Blue and River City walked passed us. We didn’t stare, ask for an autograph, stop, applaud. We just walked on and said there’s Lorraine from deacon blue and river city.

Yeah as it should be