We need a New Redemption Song.

I have been thinking about the crash in Glasgow yesterday. also previously, I have been thinking and working on something for easter saturday, a day traditionally of no liturgy, a day of no hope, a day dominated by the absence of light. How can the people who live in the now and not yet of […]

#IndyRef Songs 8 – Simple Song by The Shins

(This is a small blog series using songs to ask questions about the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. Not intended as anything beyond lighthearted.) Song 8 – Simple Song by The Shins (Picture) What’s the song about? Its a love song, about the confidence which love brings to people. The chorus seems to speak of someone […]

#advent2012 blog 2 – Eyebrows

The last time I had a hair cut the man with the razor thingy, casually asked me the question which seemed innocuous, but as I thought about it this one question had brought my world crshing down. My mortality was now apparent. The emperor’s new clothes of being young was now suddenly exposed and horribly […]