Christian Worship, privacy and social media (#deepimpact2012 pt2)

. Intro: Been thinking about worship quite a lot since Deep Impact 2012. Partly because i realised it reminds me of spring harvest 20 odd years ago. Partly because it challenged me in an unexpected way. These thoughts are rawish & unexplored. probably containing badly made points so feel free to ignore them. They come […]

Beer’n’Bible, Tonight!

Last week we started three new events in the life of the church, A house group, a knitting group for over-60’s (primarily), and a youth space. This week’s new group is Beer’n’Bible Yeah it is a mixture of Beer and Bible. The first one is tonight at The Clydesdale Inn, Lanark, and hopefully we will […]

if our community was pixar….

oft of an evening, I read the Harvard Buisness Review, this one is from september 2008. Contained within it is a great article from Ed Catmull, Pixar Studio President, called, “How Pixar fosters Creative community.” As part of the article, he outlines some of the Pixar communities shared beliefs; – Talent is Rare – Management’s […]

almost home… part 2

recently i was asked this question. Please write a few words of your personal story describing something of your own spiritual journey. recently I have been reflecting on my attitude to work and how this has been influenced and shaped. “One of the best reasons for being a Christian, as with a socialist, is that […]

almost home…

(or How to change your life with a letter.) MY life is changing for the better, of this I am sure. Yet i find it hard to adequately explain whats happening. the headlines. I have stopped working for The Salvation Army In Easterhouse. I have accepted a part time position at Greyfriars Church in Lanark. […]

10 rules

At school yesterday we were asked to imagine the following senario; on a plane trip to austrailia the plane crashes. the pilot dies and the survivors as washed up on a desert island. from this we were asked to work out what the rules we would make the group live by would be. I was […]

Joined Up thinking – Meetings, Apple vs Adobe, The Church of Scotland, Andrew Marr & creative change

Several things have collided this weekend. I doubt any of them make sense, in a joined up sense but in my brain somehow they make sense…. – Steve Jobs thoughts on using flash in iPhone, iPod and iPad. – A small section in the Andrew Marr show (BBC Sunday mornings) on the relationship between MP’s […]

Moving on in community?

Today is the day when my organisation reveals its plans for the next few year. The Salvation Army has a process of ministers being moved regularly, as part of their ongoing work. This can be a good thing. This can be a bad thing. My thoughts are not about the rights or wrongs about the […]