How to fund a church?

Been wonderin’ about this since a actor director Zac Braff made a video on youtube asking people to donate money to allow him to make a movie, and he made several million dollars in a matter of days. This drew both praise and criticism. But as a funding method it bears some issues for churches. […]

#advent2012 blog 17 – I visited King Herod!

Spending time with a primary school is always challenging. I am a youth worker. Not a childrens worker. Since leaving school though i have been telling stories to primary school children, being involved with primary school helping/running primary school religious clubs. When I did my first youthwork training, I was told that youthworkers would work […]

Make me a drink strong enough, To wash away this dishwater world they said was lemonade

(Or my thoughts on isreal/palestine, woman bishops etc.) Tuesday night I had a conversation where it was assumed I hold pro-palestine views. It was a bit weird. I ended up adopting a pro-Palestinian view pont to balance out the conversation. Also I don’t want to tacitly agree with a pro-Isreali view point. The more I […]

Your music is from Satan

I am thinking of reviving the tradition of touring Youth groups in churches, making young people listen to music played backwards and then telling them it is of the devil.I remember several people coming various places and doing this for our benefit. It was bonkers. the guy (it was all men), would come with a […]