Footballer gets sent off for passing wind during game. a google translate story.

So the BBC Website has the following story. “A Swedish footballer was sent off for passing wind during a match – with the referee dismissing him for “deliberate provocation” and “unsportsmanlike behaviour”. (Sport Bladet) I clicked the link to Sport Bladet – it is a newspaper in Swedish. I so not speak the Swedish so […]

My #secret is out, I am a ballet dancing, high heel wearing, 40-50 year old woman.

My brother recently become British champion of Decathlon form men aged 40-45. Well done. I have been trying to match my brother, by getting fitter. I doubt I will be running 100m in under 12.54 seconds anytime soon. Before the summer I was running around 9k, slowly but running, and my times for a 22k […]

the best albums of 2011 – top 3

so the top 3 albums i heard this year were 3 life Fantastic – Man Man – http://manmanbandband.com/ ‘Catchy songs with an off kilter edge musically’     2 Ask Me This – Alcoholic Faith Mission – http://alcoholicfaithmission.com/ ‘gorgous music, with a fragility and power to it’     1 Circuital – My Morning Jacket […]


I just don’t get this linkage, or this attitude which esteems success as the thing to be copied. Inspired by reading about abraham, jacob, moses, I have been thinking a lot about failure. Recently I was at on a course. The first session leader told us about failure being useful and being key to learning, […]

Advent 4 – Happiness, a song

Currently I am thinking about happiness. I think it is a key conceptaround living and how society icurrently organisess itself. (more on that tomorrow!) So are an intro some interesting lyrics about happiness from Ron Sexsmith’s retriever album. “Happiness so hard to come by So good while it lasts Some people say That it ain’t […]