iOS app Fiete – a game for toddlers

With my daughter getting ready to go to school after the summer. 4 or 5 years of attempting to find good, fun, interesting apps for toddlers is coming to an end. Hence it is time for a short series of app reviews featuring some of our favourite apps for this age group 3-5 year olds. […]

Privacy, stop it.

SO Google has amalgamated 70 privacy policies for various free tools online into one policy. that makes things much easier right? Been thinking about privacy, about how much info we want anywhere about us. As i was thinking about this, the UK government announced plans to be able to monitor the calls, emails, texts and […]

Some Podcasts I Like – Music & Sports

Recently I have enjoying listening to podcasts and ItunesU (itunes University). It makes a break form music while driving and can be informative and fun! the two top areas i have been looking at are sports and Music podcasts Music 1 npr – live concerts podcast i couldn’t live without this podcast. really. it is […]

Joined Up thinking – Meetings, Apple vs Adobe, The Church of Scotland, Andrew Marr & creative change

Several things have collided this weekend. I doubt any of them make sense, in a joined up sense but in my brain somehow they make sense…. – Steve Jobs thoughts on using flash in iPhone, iPod and iPad. – A small section in the Andrew Marr show (BBC Sunday mornings) on the relationship between MP’s […]