Things you should know by now.

Sometimes something so simple comes along you have to share it. Something so brilliant and making so much sense you need everyone to know it. This is it. wondering how to light hard to reach candles or many candles with one match? Light candles with a dry spaghetti noodle. my life is lightly more complete.

Awkward Family Photos – true

There is a place where in each photo there is something wonderful & something awful. I love the feeling of both clashing as you view each one. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com is that place Wonder what I am talking about, try viewing the photo below which was voted champion in The Awkward Engagement Photo Competition they recently ran. […]

20/11 songs – Laconic Hegemony, vol.6 (pt.2)

Laconic Hegemony, vol 6 is available for download from Soundcloud or for listening to live here using the embed below. Vol.6 is a collection of my favourite songs from 2011, (The critera, to remind you, is any music I have heard for the first time in 2011. So the album may not have been released […]

Laconic Hegemony vol.4 – summer

Laconic Hegemony vol. 4 is available for you to download. Laconic Hegemony is a mixtape which i irregularly make up and give away to my friends. Volume 4 is a selection of songs which i think will be prefect for those summer drives, all mixed up in a neat selection. It lasts for about an […]