Is the quality of Youth Ministry generally going down dramatically? 10 questions for Mike Pilvatchi.

So recently the world of youth ministry, (well the readers of youth work magazine) were rocked by the following bit of an interview with Mike Pilvatchi in the magazine. In answer to the question “What shifts have you noticed among youth workers over the last 25 years?” Mr Pilvatchi who is the leader of Soul […]

reflecting on the election – #GE2015

So the responses to the general election 2015 are long and varied. For myself, I like my reflection with a sense of humour so here goes with a brief round-up of responses. American PJ O’Rouke is on the money with “A Point of View” for BBC Radio 4 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-32657761 The more explosive reaction, with […]

That’s Me, the guy with a pure heart and gunpowder in his moustache.

Last winter I bought a winter jacket out of TK Maxx. The joy of shopping at TK Maxx is you never know exactly what you’re going to find. It was a nice jacket from a company I had never heard of … Tenson. The other day I conducted a quick web search and hit upon […]

Twitter, Tr0lls and Hobbes.

Twitter has been in the news recently. The news reports speak of Tr0lls, people who deliberately use the service to shout abuse, issue threats, and insult other users. This morning, Michelle Mone, has been on TV talking to both ITV and BBC about her experience on Twitter. Click here for a report. Within youth work […]

accurate critique

My blog isn’t that big. Thankfully I do not receive millions of spam messages. The spam I usually get is very positive ‘I love your site, I will tell all my friends about this site.’ then a link to a dodgy website address. But today things changed. ‘Claudia‘ sent me a comment to my blog. […]