Scott, in brief blog – Birthdays, contentment and motivations.

Strange time birthdays, it gives space for some perspective and time to consider the failures and successes of the past year. But I don’t think I am in that considering mode. With my uni work and the running thing, its tying up with organising and pushing on, not taking an overview and pausing to reflect […]

What we watch african football for… (thoughts on football, success & fame)

I missed entering @VBrich’s prediction tournament for the African Cup of Nations this year. the cup which happens every two years, unless they decide to have it every year (like next year.) Given this lack of competition i have been following like the competition loosely. Performance of the tournament so far has come for Sudan. […]

Christian Worship, privacy and social media (#deepimpact2012 pt2)

. Intro: Been thinking about worship quite a lot since Deep Impact 2012. Partly because i realised it reminds me of spring harvest 20 odd years ago. Partly because it challenged me in an unexpected way. These thoughts are rawish & unexplored. probably containing badly made points so feel free to ignore them. They come […]

Lent -1

For lent this year, I am stuck. I am considering what to do. But kinda unsure Previous efforts have included Giving up crisps. Reading a book. Giving up all music I had heard before. Eating less. Giving up caffeine. Giving up alcohol. Publishing a record of my spending on the Internet. And this year I […]

Beer’n’Bible, Tonight!

Last week we started three new events in the life of the church, A house group, a knitting group for over-60’s (primarily), and a youth space. This week’s new group is Beer’n’Bible Yeah it is a mixture of Beer and Bible. The first one is tonight at The Clydesdale Inn, Lanark, and hopefully we will […]

33 going on 34

Tomorrow is my birthday. (Historic Scott!), anyway I thought I would have a slight look back at year 33 and kinda review it. Work I left a full time job for a mix of part time work, childcare and housework. That has worked well mostly. (my polishing still needs some work…) Volunteering I am a […]