Carberry [rsg4] ready steady grow

Every day at carberry in the morning there is mornign worship. This has an all age theme and an all age message. it really sets out the day for all attending. this year, at festival week B, the Kimmits led this. what a laugh. we learned some new songs, sung them very high indeed.

Every morning there was a recurring theme of a growing sunflower. it was planted the first day and was 7-8 feet tall by the 7th day. quite tall indeed. It was amazing to watch the different growth and development until on the seventh day the flower was large and full.

Did I ready steady grow.

Yeah. I think Carberry was a pre ready stage. I think it brought home to me that I needed to be willing to be ready to grow. It sowed seeds of doubt to me. I think doubt is undervalued in western society. I think in my life i don’t doubt enough.

By doubting myself i realised that I could learn and develop and change.
It has taken me to the ready stage.

The steady stage is where I am at just now, gathering what i need to grow and making time to ensure I make the changes neccessary to grow. I also think I need to consult with others, perhaps one or two to just ensure my growth is towards the light, correct and with deep roots.

The grow stage. well who knows.

I never live with balance,
although I like the notion.