carberry [rsg2] wound up wynd down

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Carberry festival this year was the official gathering I have recently called, “The Wound Up Wynd Down”. Working is a nervous business, sometimes after working at night you need some people to just relax with.

The WUWD (pronounced “WUD!”) was a group mad up of a couple of late birds, including myself, some late night workers and a couple others. Usually we would meet in a quiet room in the house and relax. A bottle of Wine was usually produced from somewhere and people would have a glass of wine and a conversation.
(all very civilized really.)

We would usually finish around 1am and proceed to exit the building. We used some of the special doors which old carberry people know about to get out.

And it was all going so well until we opened a door to exit the house and bird flew in.
Oh Bums (as Louise would say)

The room it flew into had windows and the lights on. When we turned the lights off the bird flew into windows following the moonlight. This was confusing and worrying. Fortunately I had used the room for youthwork before and knew how to cover the high windows. We covered all the windows, opened the door and turned out the light.
we waited
suddenly there was a panicked flapping of wings.
we waited hoping it would see the light.
we waited
it turned and flew about for a short while.
we waited, the bird flew about at the end of the room the door was open at.
then their was silence.

After a brief discussion we closed the door, opened all the window coverings and picked up the feathers lost in the panic.

we exited and went to bed. Happy to have helped a bird in need.
no one would ever know.

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  1. Louise also had other sayings,
    Hiya was a favourite of mine although There are alots of people who do say “HIYA” in the world.

    Louise says it with a style and panache that very few others could carry off.

    I need to call her. possibly tomorrow.

    Louise ROXs

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