camp thoughts

Old school.

Yip it was old school . youthwork which didn’t have the relational edge to it. I know this is hard during a weekend but still it was old school


It was based on reading, writing and group discussion. All these skills are perhaps beyond what I would have thought that the young people could have been trusted with methods including, drama, creation arts, crafts as part of “teaching times.”

Free time.

There wasn’t any. Yet this was what the young people feedback as really enjoying.

Lonely experience.

With the staff being, half with the young people and half just happy to work, there was no time for preparation meetings. I didn’t even get to say hello to the lady I was working with, before the I started working with them. Young people can tell these things and react.

Unwritten rules.

Things just happened. I wanted to help but was excluded by people doing and systems not being obvious or explained.


I just felt it was pantomime at time. Also that the young people want to be treated as young people and not as older children. There was no shared responsibility either with the young people or around the leaders.

Two leaders.

There were two very similar leaders working in the same dorm. This perhaps was not a good idea as the young people didn’t get a chance to experience something different in terms of working with the young people.

Dorms with kids.

I didn’t have an issue with this but did the young people?

anyway on the whole it was fine.