Buying Stuff 7

i bought three books today. I wondered wbout buying these books before I did.
They are recommended by the local sunday broadsheet’s monthly youth pull out as 3 of the best book for teenagers to read. I was Particularly nervous when the book above, Sugar rush by Julie Burcchill despite being published by Young Piccador, had a

“warning Explicit Content”

sticker style design on the book.

The books I bought were
Julie Burchill – Sugur Rush
Melvyn Burgess – Doing It
Melvyn Burgess – Junk
total cost £26.97, piad by switch.

The books deal with some explicit themes, mostly around sexuality and drugs (in Junk). I read the first chapter of “Doing It”
explicit, yes,
sexually beyond me, yes,
outwith the reality of Young people I work with, no.

this will provide me with some very interesting reading for the next wee while I think.