buying stuff 1346

Most People who know us know that my wife is pregnant. We have about 15 weeks to the birth and hunners of stuff to do to be ready. or even some sort of semblance of readiness.

One thing you have to be prepared about s prams. they can take 6-10 weeks to order in so make sure you leave pleny of time of this.

we went to glasgow pram centre for a look around and fell in love with one pram. The Bugaboo frog. in flame red. since then every pram has palled into insignificance against it’s beauty and engineered genius. We decided about a month ago to by this pram but to wait until nearer the time.

They were everywhere in new york with the fabulous beutiful people. When we returned from new york On of the MTV chanels was doing a program on celebrity parenting. guse what pram was nominated as the pram of the rich and famous??? Yeah that’s right the bugaboo frog. Gwenth Paltrow has one for Apple!

Anyway Today we bought one.
Rock On
We must be rich and famous then with a celebrity pram.

or perhaps not.