buying stuff 1345

Yesterday I had my 6 month assessment. I was on 6 month probation so this was quite important!
Basically I run on nervous energy for the 24 hours before this and kinda die afterwards. Well I am useless to the world afterwords.
I had my assessment at 11-12.30 lunch then a team meeting 2-4 thenI was mean to work. I basically couldn’t concentrate on anything I did get some stuff done. probably poorly. I need to redo it on tuesday no doubt.

Anyway Instead of working through dinner I went to the fort at easterhouse.

I thought I would buy The chemical Brothers album, “Push the Button” ended up I didn’t. But I did go back for work at 7 ready to go and relaxed. so what did I Buy?

Madeleine Peyroux (Pictured above) her album – Careless Love. great jazz stuff.
Bruce Springsteen – Devils and Dust ablum. with DVD which I haven’t watched yet but will soon. really good stuff though.

£22ish paid by maestro at the desk at borders. Yeah I couldn’t find bruces album in virgin so they don’t get the money.