Bristol Two

Most people travelling a long distance use a car or nowadays fly. I was considering this with Jenn and Alice last weekend. But the Joy has gone out of that travel now. Car’s take a long time, and planes, well cheap flights do make you feel a bit like a herd animal being chased by a tanned over keen slightly camp hi visibility vest wearing sheep dog.

SO what I Have been thinking about is what is the best way to travel.

Starting with the most decadent (in my Opinion).
– Train – expensive, usually clean, and fast.
– Bicycle – takes forever but you feel like your going fast and you can stop when you want.
– Car – Usually very happy, low down because you need to do the work.
– Plane – good when good, bad when bad
– Getting a lift – not good slightly better than the bus
– Bus – not good at all, usually very cramped.
– Walking – not really great for long distance travelling.

any thoughts , use the comments!