brand name conscious

today it struck my i was wearing brand names head to toe.
– dark blue Duffs trainers (£20)
– dark blue Fenchurch Jeans (£20)
– light blue Airwalk T-Shirt (present)
– dark brown Superdry Jacket (£30)

Although I haven’t paid full price for any of my stuff, Nike trainers, Carhartt jacket, Airwalk trousers, my Camel shoes or shirt, my YSL shirts, Airwalk shoes, Howies jacket or my fabulous new Quicksilver trousers, I do kinda feel annoyed by owning them.

By buying the brand names even at sales prices i am supporting and building their brands and companies. But I doubt I am conscious of what i think of the companies and their policies.

Of all the stuff listed above only the Howies Jacket is something i would say I agree with the stuff which the brand tells me it believes in. Finding out what other brands believe in and stand for is tricky at best and non existent at worst.

perhaps I don’t really care.

I choose the think even at a conscious level I do care. I should spend my money to back up my beliefs. Perhaps I should only buy american Apparel (no slave labour) or Howies (organic materials) then perhaps my conscience would be clear. perhspa it will never be clear unless I grow my own cotton, spin it and make my own clothes.


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