B.P.D. by Over The Rhine

SOmetimes someone outside the situation can say what your heart longs to say better than you could. even if the words could come out. without the singer and the song they would probably remains unspoken.

thanks over the rhine


words: Bergquist/Detweiler

music: Bergquist

recording: OHIO

You’re makin’ a mess

Somethin’ I can’t fix

This time you’re on your own

I’d make it alright

But I wouldn’t get it right

I’m leavin’ it alone

For cryin’ outloud

Cryin’ outloud

Cryin’ out

You’re cryin’ out


You’re makin’ a mess

Is that what you do best?

Is madness just a hand-me-down?

It’s anyone’s guess

But I must confess

The performance isn’t that profound


I’m waiting for the end

Waiting to begin again

You’re makin’ a mess

Somethin’ you can’t hide

A slow suicide

Just one bite at a time

I should love you less

But I can’t I guess

Only God can save us now

Cryin’ out