Bought [ 28] Cd’s again

Last tuesday I went for a walk with Baby Jacob.

Jacob is pretty cool and we ended up at the top of Byres road. (yes we alked there from Ibrox.)

I wanted to look at Cd’s Jacob was asleep we arrives just the wrong side of 6pm
The Oxfam second hand music shop was shut
The Oxfam sceond hand book shop was shut
D’courcys arcade was shut with the CD shop in it shut.

The only open shop was Fopp at the very top of byers road. I took the pram in concious it wasn’t shop designed for prams. it was designed for students and 20 somethings embarking on a trendy professional career. anyway I moved about couldn’t see anything Interesting. As I walked by the till I saw three CD’s on sale I thought looked interesting. soI bought them.

Sufjan StevensGreetings From Michigan
This album the predicesor to Seven Swans and Illinoise is a great album. The banjo homespuns style is in great evidence and the sound although slightly rougher thatn Illinoise is awesome.

MobyI Like To Score
A clooection of songs Moby has has used in movies. Including some really interesting reworkings of earlier work. I particularly am enjoying God movving over the face of the waters. It is just a good listen. really evocative music without being to in your face.

GarbageBleed Like Me
I like garbage. it think Shirley is a great name for a rock singer. I think she has an awesome voice. I really like the way the band could easily have been really over produced, (The three guys are all top notch producers in their own rights.) but they always stay just the right side of awesome. (the flipside of over produced is just where people tend to go when not able to control the finer points of music making)
I like this band.
I like their image (three big men dressed in black, small redhaired singer commanding the stage and audience.)
Most of all i quite like their music.
V.good album.

anywa the three albums cost me £15 which was paid in cash by myelf to the man at the till.