Bought [27] Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium 1986

I remeber this concert vividly.
Freddie Mercury possibly put in the greatest rock n roll front man show I have been fortunate to witness on the Tv.

I was 9. I didn’t really like much music myself.

But we watched and videoed this performance off of channel 4. I watched this video over and over.

The songs were awesome, musicianship tight, and freddie could sing with his performing.

I have never really been a queen fan as such but I really do remeber watching and studying this performance. this concert affected me.
(Years later i had to judge a new bands contest and the band who won werenothing like queen)

thats why i bought this CD.
plus i found it on the web at under a fiver. quality. 2 cds for a fiver. might as well be giving them away.

(on a side issue. i really respect the way John deacon has stayed clear of the money making scheem that is the Queen/Paul Rodgers tour. Good work lad. similarly the way pink floyd have refused to tour with roger waters again despite stupid money being thrown at them. Good work guys)

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