Bought [25] amazon raided

yeah I frequented an internet puveyor of finery and came out with this ugly lot.

Adam Hart DavisWhy Does A Ball Bounce?: And 100 Other Questions From the Worlds of Science
This wee book is a book of scientific explainations by that bloke in the inland revanue adverts and photographis of the scientic problem as it happens. If looks good and is dip in and outable whaich suits me fine currently.

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Steven Levitt
, Stephen J. DubnerFreakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

a bigger book and not as many photographs in this one but it does set up to use economics to prove weird things. like the majority of drug dealers still live with thier mothers. Never thought economics could be so interesting. (apparently their is just one guy using his economics powers for good. The rest still use them for boredom!

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Daniel GolemanEmotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

The emotional intellience buzz was so last year.
I guess so as i went to a two day conference on it last year. neat huh! i am so trand aware. I mean I rock.
Pity really i only got round to buying this book this week. Hmm. trendy but late. nice combo.

ANyway the book argues that to be emotionally intelligent is as important, if not more so when determining if you are a human success or not. Interesting arguement and one which fits my youthwork practice to a tee. Need to read the book though at some point.
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Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (Xbox)

Okay just some light relief for the old X-box. You can wire up your xbox to run of Linux. That must really annoy the boffins at M$ central.
Bet the new 360 can not do that.
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