Bought [24] Macromedia studio MX for dummies

Due to a long story and an underpowered computer. I managed to get a copy of Macromeida‘s Studio MX package. I only use dreamweaver and have learned lots while using it. but i feel i could do alot more if i had the time and inclination
it is quite powerful and I have used it alot both for work and for my own plans.(What plans are they scott? The same plan i have every night, trying to take over the world!) (anyone else spot the pinky and the brain reference?)

Anyway I have no idea on the other stuff that come as part of the package, freehand, cold fusion, fireworks or director which are all included. So using my birthday book vouchers. I purchased this book today from Borders in Glasgow. The Book is pretty easy to read with basic explainations and easy to follow exercises. Hopefully I will be rocking web wise very soon!

macromedia website ::[[click here]]::