Bought [22] The Alarm & Stephen Foster Albums

I was In Ayr a about 2 months ago. I bought 2 CD’s realsied I hadn’t blogged about buying them.

Basically My wife and her mother wanted to go to Ayr to llok at baby things and craft shops. I went and looked at things. We were looking at a crib for the baby. We walked all round the houses and I didn’t ask to llok in one shop. When the opportunity came though I went to an independant shop on Ayr mainstreet. The selection wasn’t great but for a small shop it was a good mix of chart and slightly less popoular music. Nothing I would have been interested in buying right enough.

But it did have a great sale rack where I manager to pick up two CD’s I was really interested in…..

The AlarmIn the Poppyfields
I saw mike peters at greenbelt in 1997 or 8? (Billy Duffy of The Cult played with him.) He was good but I had no idea about The Alarms Music. I knew the name and that some people considered them the best band in the world…ever.

The next time i heard of them was a coupld for years later when Mark and Lard got into trouble for playing a record by the band 45RPM as their record of the week. The band charted in the Top 40 and it was later revealed that the song was actually the lead single by The Alarm for the In The Poppyfields album.

I had wanted to buy the album then but had left it. I bought it for £6 in Ayr this Day.

Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs Of Stephen Foster.

WHat an album. Stephen FOster Died about 140 years ago but you could say he was america’s first Pop song writer. Basically most of his work is forgotten, but a coupld of years ago a new company called American roots publishing chose this as their first project. With a “beg, borrow and steal” attitude to other artists and record companies, the album throws together an interesting mix of, country, folk, americana, pop, and rock’n’roll artists all covering songs of age and quality.

The artist featured are, Raul Malo, Alison Krauss with Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Mark O’Connor, BR549, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Judith Edelman, The Duhks, John Prine, Henry Kaiser, Beth Nielsen Chapman, David Ball, Michelle Shocked & Pete Anderson, Grey De Lisle, Mavis Staples, Ollabelle, Roger McGuinn, Suzy Bogguss, Will Barrow and Ron Sexsmith

Partictulary good is Mavis Staples, Grey De Lisle, and I also Like Ron Sexsmiths version of “Comrade, Raise No Glass For Me”.

SO I bought this for £6 as well

ANyway I was late for the crib but we bought it and it is nice and our baby will be happy there.

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  1. I never claimed ayr was exciting.
    It has a great fruit and veg stall near woolworths, and the butchers have some great cuts of meat. The fish shop also has a good reputation.

    I never said it was cheap though.

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