Bought [21] Prince, the Very Best Of

I was trying not to buy any Cd’s for a month between the 15th of July and the 15th of August. I got the Viva Voice Cd. during this time but apart from this I had not bought any other CD’s. (The other ones I blogged about were bought from the internet and for various reasons were not arriving until during this time)

This morning I gave In and bought a CD.
£5.99 in a supermarket.
The very Best of Prince.

What a CD
I didn’t Know two of the Tracks but knew the other 15 songs.
It spans his career until he went a bit bonkers and started calling himself Symbol or summit. The songs sound awesome. Purple rain is so simple but effective. Raspberry Beret now makes sense to me. Thieves in the Temple is a great song but the two stand out tracks have to be Diamonds and Pearls, and Money Don’t Matter 2 Night.

Signs of the times, and Money don’t matter tonight, seem to reveal a bit os a social, spiritual and political concience which I guess I didn’t expect from Prince. (He’s a Jehovahs Witness now? i think.)(How wierd would that be, opening your door to a JW having Prince standing there. Hmmm.)

great album. but I should really have waited until tuesday to buy it!