Bought [20] Grey De Lisle – The Graceful Ghost

Grey De Lisle is an artist I really have fallen for.
Her album The graceful ghost is fantastic. It is simple country music, with simple restrained arrangements the music is the background to an amazing voice.

The first thing I noticed was that she plays autoharp. My wife has two of them and they are really interesting instrument to try and play. The fact Grey poses for most of her publicity shots with autoharp as her instrument of choice had me keen on her before I had heard the album. When i listened to the album I heard somehting great. Her voice. It is awesome. Grey De Lisle sounds like a cross between Julie miller and Emmylou Harris. What a voice. It is country through and through. I used to think country was the devils music, now thanks to artists like Johnny Cash, Buddy & Julie Miller, Emmylou Harris and Grey De Lisle, i know different.

The album is simple nuts and bolts country with some great country songs on it. What really gives it an edge is the restraint shown in the arrangements and one amazing voice. On my next pay cheque I am going to buy her newest album Iron Flowers.

grey de lisle website ::[[click here]]::