Bought [19] Viva Voce – The Heat Can Melt Your Brain

I bought this on the morning of Saturday the 23rd of July in Virgin Megastore at the top of Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I paid by Switch the full cover Price. My wife had just bought 2 pairs of shoes.

I like this album. I think I was predisposed to it by hearing some of Viva Voce’s stuff over the last few years. But mostly and memorably through The free Video Download on their website.::[[click here]]::

The band are a husband and wife duo. They play indie rock which sounds delicious. Alive with pleasure, the song the video is for, is a good indication of the rest of the album. It sounds lo-fi while being almost groovy. It is just good music that’s out there.

The band have been touring the UK and Europe. VH1 UK has been playing their video and they have been getting more noticed in the US and UK. So far I don’t think they have ventured as high as Glasgow but I am hopeful.

This album has rewarded repeated listening.

Good music,
good album.
good band.

viva Voce Website ::[[click here]]::