Bought [18] The Music Industry has forced me….

The Music Industry has forced me to buy a legal download.


Last night after “Law and Order – Special Victims Unit” finished we turned the TV off. I flipped on the bedside alarm clock radio, and tuned to radio 2 to hear Bob Harris’s Saturday show. Bob wasn’t on for some reason and Steve Lamacq was sitting in. (His voice just bothers me, but anyway.)

He played an awesome song, it was a talking song, minimal guitars and Irish poet speaking the verses on top with a sung chorus. Awesome. It was called the local man or summit.

I told My wife I would look it up tonight on the net and I did

I went to the radio 2 website, went the bob Harris show pages, went to the bob Harris website, went to the playlist for last night, got the name of the song (“the local man ruins everything”), typed it into google, got a music web site review which linked to the record company, went to the record company website, found out it was only released as a 7″ single but I could buy it as a download form an independent downloads website, went to the independent downloads website, ordered the song I could pay by paypal, went to paypal, paid, went back to downloads website and downloaded the song.


I think I prefer the usual system. Wake up, wash, get dressed, eat, go to town, browse CD’s, go home, price check using froogle or kelkoo, go back to the cheapest shop, buy CD, go home, listen, burn into computer, listen again.


welcome to the future.