Bought [16] Come on Feeel Illinoise!, Songs for SIlverman

On saturday helen went to The Mama’s and PApa’s SHop in Glasgow Fort. She saw some stuff she liked so decided to buy it. I had mentioned going to Virgin records as well in our visit. In order to save time as she queued and paid I headed to The CD Emporium to see what I could buy.

I was Looking for Ben Folds album or Billy Corgan’s Solo album.

I found Ben folds “songs for Silverman” album marked down to £7.99. So I lifted it as I started to look for Billys Sollo work I saw Sufjan Stevens “Come On, Feel Illinoise!” So I lifted that. I took them to the desk and paid for them Both.

The lady asked If I Had foound everything I was looking for [in the shop]! I was puzzled and just said yes. I paid the 18 pounds by maestro.

I thought about this question later. what a strange question to ask. Can the answer to our our deepest thoughts, darkest wants and desires really be found in Virgin records store.( and not a particularly big or good one at that)

ANyway I got out the shop and back to the BAby shop as helen emerged.

Then we went and bought wallpaper for the living room. Guess that will keep me busy for a while