Bought 10928u3432ddf

Went home via the music shop Yesterday. I hate buying from the big chains I can find it cheaper else where but My wife decided to pay and she can’t be bothered waiting so I got three “Pop” albums.

Gwen Stefani – Love Angel Music Baby. (I really like it)
The Chemical Brothers- Push The Button,
Ryan Adams – Cold Roses.

All good albums but slightly expensive.
paid by cash at the till.

My wife commeneted by the time we move I may have doubled my Cds Coollection. I think she might be right!

2 thoughts on “Bought 10928u3432ddf

  1. Scott,

    Push the Button is a treat, almost as good as Block Rocking Beats, almost but just not quite as good as that gem! I also bought a few months ago the Greatest Hits and that’s simply a belter.

    I’ve just literally bought Oasis Don’t Believe The Truth & James Blunt Back to Bedlam. I bought them for £8.33 & £7.56 in Sainsbury as I noticed they were doing VAT Free on their CD’s for this week only! Good Deal for once, better than well for this week I guess!


  2. Fraz

    How good is push the button. I have been listening to it the last week. I really like the Bounce song. it rocks.


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