So I am trying to finish lots of books.

so far Iam in the middle of reading or have started reading and need to finish

Generation X : Tales for an Accelerated Culture – Douglas Coupland
Christi- Anarchy – Dave Andrews
Why Does a Ball Bounce?: 101 Questions You Never Thought of Asking – Adam Hart Davies
Blood and Fire : The Story of William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army – Roy Hattersley
Does Anything Eat Wasps? : And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Questions You Never Thought You Wanted to Ask – new scientist
Gospel Exploded: Reaching the Unreached – Bob Mayo

I think I need to read some more!

tonight though I did two things.

I officailly gave up trying to read through Untold Stories by Alan Bennett. It is a really good book, unfortunately his recollection of his mothers slip from reality and her subsquent residence at a home rings slightly too close to a current situation with a family member.
So i think i will leave it and finish some othe the other books first, then I can return to it.

I finished The Politics Of Jesus By John Howard Yoder. I have struggles with his writing and also by the fact I started readign this book as my public Tranport book. I don’t travel by Public transport that often nowadays.
Great book.
Has inspired and confronted me.
Partly I have taken my time to ensure as far as possible that i understand his points often rereading passages or taking extensive notes trying to get the most out of it.

2 year of reading.

a lifetime of influence?

on a related matter.
I have reacently bought two books

God’s Politics: Why the American Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It by jim Wallis

Unspeak by Steven Poole

I am currently considering buying
Yob Nation by Francis Gilbert
Buried Spirituality: A Report on the Findings of the Fellowship in the Spirituality of Young People by Phil Rankin.
plus some research from the Joseph rowntree foundation
and some books from Russell House.

but first I need to read what I have.