Book read. (Yeah.)

Paternity leave let me finish off a book I have been reading for a while “The World Is Flat: A Brief History of globalized world in the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Friedman, a history of globalisation in the twentith century is quite a book. It wieghs in at a hefty 450 pages. I think though it is well worth it.

The book had interveiws from the top players in global industry from the UK, US and India. plus analysis and case examples from china and asia. The future or the globalised world is bleak depending how you can manage yourself.

Friedmans main thrust seems to be. The world is flat. Jobs can be moved here there and everywhere. the only way to keep a job is to constantly evolve your repetoire and get creative, making yourself not only the best but the only person doing what you do. His example is of icecream. Vanilla will be made all over the world. if you want to keep working you need to be a flavour to the vanilla mix. You want to be mint chocolat chip, or strawberry sauce or a cherry on top. offering a piece of work that cant be replicated over the world.

The area I work in I think has been told that they can’t even provide the vanilla. The social consequences of discarding these people to be nothing (for right or wrong but mostly wrong) is somethign that I really hate.
But with the young people the swagger and confidence is there to rise up and be what they can be. My job is to help them do that. The best way is to have an intimate relationship with God. I think.

But I fear old habits die had and the stuffing will be knocked out of the young people. perhaps literally but definately metaphorically. Youth work in essence is nothing with out a supporting family and childrens mechanisms to support and ensure longevity to transformations however small they are.

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