Had a good time on my birthday.
I was surprised by cards and presents from people.
But with my laid back way people had asked me for suggestions about what nice things i like.
I was slow in getting back to people.

nice things I got included
the roku soundbridge m1001 (as shown above.)
I would say how good it sounds but it came with a european plug and as such I will not be able to get it going until tomorrow. bummer

a cool animal zip up hooded to which is nice.

A cool pair of Howies Woody Canvas trousers from the Howies Sale

Also from Howies the 6AM 100per cent lambswool hat in brown, which is just afbulous.
it really is nice.

The birthday joy is continuing with
– A new mouse for my laptop coming soon
– A Large Wok coming soon
– and hopefully a cool accessory for my ipod. more on that later!

A big thank you to all involved.

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