Best album of 2006 (marking 10 years of music)

As part of thinking back and remembering things on the cusp of moving into 2010, I am trying to work out what to put on my iPod and what not. so what follows is a brief look through the best albums I got in the year 2006 and a top 3 with some witterings on why i like things you will probably not like!

From 2006 the year that richard hammond crashed in that crash, and the year norman kember was on a peacemaking trip,m was kidnapped and then resc=ued by the SAS.
the contenders in alphabetical order;

  • Barenaked Ladies – Barenaked Ladies Are Me
  • Belle & Sebastian – This Life Pursuit
  • Betty Curse – Hear Lies
  • The Decemberists – The Crane Wife
  • Duke Special – Songs From The Dark Forest
  • Hem – Funnel Cloud
  • I’m From Barcelona – Let Me Introduce My Friends
  • Iain Archer – Magnetic North
  • Johnny Cash – American V – A Hundred Highways
  • Kings of Leon – Because The times
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead – Yell Fire
  • Muse – Black Holes & Revelations
  • MuteMath – MuteMath
  • Regina Spector – Begin To Hope
  • Using a completely biased methodology of what did I listen to most then, what do I listen to now and think is pretty good and just what rocks my world, the top three are

    number 3
    Muse – Black Holes & Revelations
    we were driving back fro Ruaha National Park to our digs at the Deaf school near Iringa, the night had been fun and long with good chat and cold frosty beverages, around 2am the hippos had started shouting seemingly outside our waterside lodges, lions had been calling to each other, and our lodges had no glass in the windows! We had had a long day animal spotting, and the drive home was long. as we drove Alice asked if we could listen to one of her tapes, It wa athe new muse album. The sun was going down as the landrover drove, the stereo played this amazing soundtrack as we powered to our home. This album sums up our time in Africa in a wonderful and great way.
    seek out – “Take A bow”, “Super Massive Black Hole”, “Knights of Cydonia” & “Assassin”

    number 2
    The Decemberists – The Crane Wife
    Kinda “Progrock” in places, pop rock in others. it is a fantastic album with a depth of music and way with words which get in your head as much as colin’s voice is Unique. frankly a very, very good album, which was odds on for number 1 if the number one album hadn’t made an appearance to my ear buds!
    seek out – “The Crane Wife 3”, “O Valencia”, “Summersong” & “Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)”

    number 1
    Hem – Funnel Cloud
    Hem’s funnel cloud is a beautiful album of gentle folky indie music. It a delight of an album.
    seek out – The whole album. It is simply beautiful.