Best album of 2001 (marking 10 years in music)

As part of thinking back and remembering things on the cusp of moving into 2010, I am trying to work out what to put on my iPod or not. So what follows is a brief look through the best albums I got in the year 2001 and a top 3 with some witterings on why I like things you will probably not like!

From 2001 the year that the twin towers were destroyed and pyres of foot and mouth cattle were lit across the British countryside.
the contenders (in alphabetical order)

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – B.R.M.C.
  • Buddie & Julie Miller – Buddie & Julie Miller
  • Cowboy Junkies – Open
  • Eddi Reader – Live
  • Lost Dogs – Real Men Cry
  • Over the Rhine – Films for Radio
  • R.E.M. – Reveal
  • Radiohead – Amnesiac
  • using a completely biased methodology of what did I listen to most then, what do I listen to now and think is pretty good and just what rocks my world, the top three are

    brmcBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club – B.R.M.C.
    what a great album, i first head of it from Pip Wilson’s blog, and what a good little rock’n’roll album it is all fuzzy guitars, thumping drums and almost distorting bass lines, and a brooding sense of something happening. I think this album is ace. but then after putting Smashing Pumpkins and At The Drive In in my top 3 from 2000 is that any surprise?
    seek out ‘Spread You Love’ & ‘Love Burns’

    ffrOver the Rhine – Films for Radio
    good classy record. it marked a change in direction for the band, after being signed to IRS, and being a four peice band making pretty straight pop rock, the band had self recorded and released (the unbelievaby fantastic album) Good Dog Bad Dog, Ric (guitars) and Brian (drums) had left the band, this left the band more focused on linford’s writing and Karen’s voice.
    the resulting album is very good indeed. With a new guitarist and producer in tow, Films For Radio, has a dreamy wonderfulness quality to it. The songs have the feel of a bond theme about them, and perhaps hinting at the change leading to a change of direction but possibly even more fantastic music to come. still pop / rock wbut with hints of country and perhaps a jump forward in production quality.
    Seek out – ‘I radio heaven’, ‘If nothing else”

    buddy-and-julieBuddy & Julie Miller – Buddy & Julie Miller
    I love this album, I guess loving Country/americana music can be hard to do but with this album it is easy, an album jam packed with great songs and great harmonies. Buddy and Julie have been called the first couple of americana, and looking at the list of who they have and contiue to work with is a who’s who of country /americana music.
    This album is delivered with class. It was the first album I got from Buddy & Julie and it is great music for driving to! you should really be listening to this album. seriously, you should!
    seek out ‘Keep Your Distance’ & ‘The Rivers Gonna Run’